“Link” by Mathias Fuchs, Sylvia Eckermann

  • ©, Mathias Fuchs and Sylvia Eckermann, Link
  • ©, Mathias Fuchs and Sylvia Eckermann, Link



Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Stairs are links between architectural units. They serve as an interface between inside/ outside, up/down. In this sense a staircase is a passage, a transitional space rather than a room of its own. It is a space of movement.

    The project series Link, started in Bolzano and Vienna in 1993, attempts to draw attention to specific localities. At the staircase of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki the sounds of walking people, which are usually audible on the stairs, will be superimposed by sounds especially designed for the circumstances. By covering the staircase with an orange carpet the visitor is confronted with a new sensual impression when walking up the stairs. Not only his auditory environment has changed – his visual and his tactile surroundings have been altered as well. As a consequence the visitor’s perception of a well known place is altered fundamentally.