“Night Light: the Remanufectured Environment” by Annette Weintraub

  • ©, Annette Weintraub, Night Light: the Remanufectured Environment


    Night Light: the Remanufectured Environment

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Night Light is about the constructed environment. The images in this series are drawn from the landscape of industrial enclaves, highways and commercial strips unified by night and artificial light.They represent a mysterious and distorted world of exaggerated and unnatural color, reflected light, and fragments of illuminated signage. This landscape of factories and shopping strips is uninhabited, except for the blazing neon which accentuates its desolation and underlines a troubling separation from nature and the threat to environment, identity and community. Night Light constructs an animated environment of fragments, evoking the dynamism of an urban and industrial landscape lacking human presence. This fragmentation, and the process of layering and compositing, is the means of “remanufacturing” the built environment. The complete and intrinsic mutability of the digital fragment, ephemeral and ambiguous, moves beyond montage into the disintegration and reconfiguration of the image.