Lise Jul Pedersen: Changes

  • ©1996, Lise Jul Pedersen, Changes



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    Made on a AMIGA computer with Deluxe Paint and Digi Paint.


    1 minute

Artist Statement:

    “Changes” is a one-minute video about images, that change. To me computer graphics is all about that – changes. That you might and indeed can work with 10-100 different versions of a picture. Computergraphics give you the ability to change and work on your impulses with no risk what-so ever. The motifs are things that interest me. Pretty women that become strange and frightening creatures. Cats that become cat-flowers or dressed up in men4s suits. Women4s faces that are mixed with leaves of flowers so they appear to be beautiful – though a bit sad. The result is kind of strange – but pretty. Frightening but moving. I like the dark sides of human emotions, pictures that are both eshetically appealing as well as deeply disturbing. So that is what my video is: Kind of pretty, kind of distubing. This is no real story-line in my video – it is simply based on the pleasure of looking. The simple pleasure of: not knowing that is going to happen next.



Technical Information:

    Music by the danish composer Anne Linnet.

Process Information:

    Produced with support from Aarhus Filmworkshop.


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