“When Timbre Comes Apart” by Joran Rudi

  • ©, Joran Rudi, When Timbre Comes Apart
  • ©, Joran Rudi, When Timbre Comes Apart
  • ©, Joran Rudi, When Timbre Comes Apart


    When Timbre Comes Apart

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Artist Statement:

    The concept for this work is both musical and visual, and the following description will contain information relevant for both aesthetic domains. Knowledge from the natural sciences paired with computer technology has opened up new perspectives within the arts. It is now relatively easy to use cross-disciplinary mapping to display the same idea; the same data structure in several ways. The construction of this work is one of many possible mappings, and the animation is based on a direct representation of the data structure that comprises the music, one “sees” the music as one hears it. In addition to their art qualities, mappings like this can very well be considered pedagogic as well, as an entry into the current debate about musical representation. With the development of user interfaces that will allow the user to find his or her own visual way through the music, these kinds of mappings would share common borders with the VR field. Technically, the work has been realized first as music, and the piece was processed through an FFT analysis of the same type used to make sonograms. This was our preferred kind of analysis because of the visual results it yielded. The data set was then structured to make it available to the program used for the creation of the model that was later “filmed”. The result is an experience of flying over/under/through the music as it is being played.

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