“Madonna” by Elena Popa

  • ©, Elena Popa, Madonna



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    Photoshop images

Artist Statement:

    Four computer manipulated images of Madonna are mounted together, each identical in size and identical frame. The source of each is identical, but by applying different filters and icons they each are given their own identity.

    I use the computer to emulate the silk screen process that Andy Warhol used in his images of Marilyn. Just as Madonna uses Marilyn’s images for herself, I use Warhol’s style in my Madonna images as a kind of double reference. Subtle changes in the original image allow for the continuous reproduction of work — Madonna’s identity changes with each new piece. In the same way that she markets herself as a product whose impact changes with her various styles, her computer identity is easily changed by some Japanese icons or a change of colour. Many more variations of the same image still exist inside the computer. These four are simply a selection. Each new version allows for subtle changes, retaining the ‘originality’ of digital information versus replicating the same image endlessly. Every piece is the original.


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