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    Sound Art

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Art Event Overview:

    Produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur, Selection Marcus Gammel

    A selection of sound art programmes produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur, related to the theme of the weekend, are replayed at several locations in Duisburg-Ruhrort


    1. Sebenza e-mine, Lucia Ronchetti (it), Philip Miller (gb), 2010, 45’38 min
    2. Terrain Vague, Thomas Köner (de), 2007, 51’52 min
    3. Fire Pattern & Frost Pattern, Andreas Bick (de), 2007, 25’55 min & 2006, 26’48 min
    4. Goya, Tetsuo Furudate (jp) 2008, 52’15 min
    5. Terminus, Ulrich Müller (de) Siegfried Rössert (de), George Lewis (de), 2005, 52’30 min
    6. The Other Night Underwater, Darren Copeland (ca), Andreas Kahre (de/ca) 2008, 50’41 min
    7. My father, the sea, Wolfgang Peter Menzel (de/se), Ola Moen (no) 2007, 42’58 min

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