Tapio Mäkelä, Andreas Siagian: Ecolated: Littoral Lives

  • ©, Tapio Mäkelä and Andreas Siagian, Ecolated: Littoral Lives


    Ecolated: Littoral Lives

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Ecolocated combines marine ecology data with location, sound, stills and video in an installation at the Catalyst Arts gallery.

    Ecolocated is an exploration of littoral zones near Belfast, areas where human impact on the marine ecology is strongest and where local communities have a long association with the sea. The term littoral describes the juncture between land and sea, where the experience of the sea as an every day environment for marine life, work and leisure meets with historical and romantic sensibilities.

    Ecolocated recordings include marine environmental and meteorological data; interviews with scientists and local communities and sonifications. An important aspect of the project is shaped through a local workshop programme exploring marine ecology and maritime history.

    The first phase of the exhibition is a cumulative work charting the journey to Belfast across the North Sea in the projects’ floating studio base. The Ecolocated artists will publish the journey as a map based interface and a blog, presented simultaneously with the CDPDU.

    The content of the exhibition’s first phase will grow during the residency whilst the Ecolocated crew works in the Belfast maritime environment to develop a large immersive surround sound installation in collaboration with the AudioNomad team.


    Supported by Daniel Woo and Michael lake (audionomad software team)