“Mediasophical Reedetification” by Vladimir Muzhesky

  • ©, Vladimir Muzhesky, Mediasophical Reedetification


    Mediasophical Reedetification

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Artist Statement:

    In the context of the multimedia development and on-going digital space fractalization there is a question of the new media content, which captures us in a sort of synergetic state of semiotic alertness and unreadiness. Is the internet just a repository of infinite perceptual recombinations bound to be just another extension of the advertisement market, or is it a self-sufficient content generating zone, where concepts are shaped in-between the user’s mentality and the project of its symmetrical simulation embodied in the machine? Redetification is an attempt to reconstitute a classical Greek philosophical situation of meaning derivation by means of a dialogue in a manipulated context. On the basis of the Nettropics virtual world network and Basicray Spatialities Virtual Tools users will hold in-session dialogues with nettropic dwellers using human and virtual reality language as concept shaping tools. This project is fully interactive and uses customized shared world interface and VRML files of prebuilt synthetic conceptual terrains as a basis for mediasophical dialogues. Repositioning content generating activity in the synthetic space predetermines two basic architectural features of multiuser worlds: perceptual transgression and abstract validity. Within the context of content formatting activity a user’s ability to reconstruct an imaginary space on the basis of misleading perceptual markers and overloading patterns equals an ability to produce a philosophical statement in a discursive environment. In order to provide synthetic morphema’s for this bioelectronic statement the planes of shared virtual worlds are rendered with abstract simmulatory objects and scenes. Nettropic mailing list links the members of Reidetification network, and supports spurious memory exchange and traffic as a fundamental activity of a neural network involved in content production. Use the following address to join the content formatting network and participate.


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