Vladimir Muzhesky

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  • ISEA1997

    Vladimir Muzhesky currently works as Moderator, Nettropic Network, since 1997. Has served as Curator at the Laboratory of New Technologies, Kiev, Ukraine, since 1995. Education: Kiev Shevchenko University: Department of Linguistics, Department of Philosophy, MA,1994. Recent residencies and commissions: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholar­ship 1996-1997; Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev Ukraine scholarship 1996-1997; Stichting Intendance, Amsterdam, NL, commission, 1996.; Rijksakademie of Fine Arts residency, Amsterdam, NL, 1996-1997; Steim Electronic Foundation residency, Amsterdam, NL, 1996. Projects in progress: Nettropics: Content Formating Network, (Amsterdam, NL) is a complex of virtual worlds and mailing lists on the internet focused on new forms of content on the Internet. Basic Digital Survival Platform at Digital City, (Amsterdam NL) is a project in progress aimed to develop self-organizing virtual reality environment based on the bio-electronic dynamics. Recent presentations and exhibits: Transmedia 97, Berlin, Germany; ISEA96, Rotterdam, NL; European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany, 1996; Amediality: Digital Matrices and Strategies, Kiev, Ukraine, 1996; Berlin Video Festival, Berlin, Germany, 1996; Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media Conference, Amsterdam—Rotterdam, NL, 1996; Anabiosis, Blank Art Gallery ,Kiev,1996; ISEA94, Helsinki, Finland, 1994; Phosphorusloin, Blank Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, 1995; Dirty Liaisons, Gallery of The Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, 1995; World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, NL, 1994; The Space of Cultural Revolution, National Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, 1994; Steppes of Europe, Center of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, 1993; Art MIF-93, Moscow, Russia, 1993.

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  • Ukraine, RU

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