“Metaphors for Memory” by Lucille Martin

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    Metaphors for Memory

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Artist Statement:

    These works are part of an ongoing series installations in relation to Nature and Diversity, addressing the notion of the ‘Physical Space’, from a feminine perspective, using integrated Video, Photography, Photocopy and Computer generated image and text. Since 1980, Lucille Martin has been working primarily with photocopy and related media to represent the body. Known in particular for the series Bodyworks (created by placing the body on the office copier), she has been creating installations which draw together visual and aural impressions to present social, political and environmentally informed works.

    As a Visual Communicator the choice of technology has been central to the nature of the work, frequently drawing together complex ideas, layers of information criss-crossing culture, myth, spirit and reality. This interwoven methodology seems to be duplication for the technique itself collaging of image and idea, through the multi-media function.


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