Michael Century: Cendres

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Artist Statement:

    This is an experimental work attempting to integrate critical and creative approaches. It is conceived as a collaboration between a performer-composer and a sound theorist who found themselves closely engaged in similar ideas. In the “philosophonics of space”, a paper presented at ISEA 94 by Frances Dyson, she described a new context in which to “hear” a particularly sound-drenched text by Derrida, Cendres (1987). In Cendres, Derrida asks how the traces of being, the cinders still burning in our memories of the Holocaust, still calling within the silence of cultural amnesia, can be made into sound. The same sonic perspective which Dyson explores in her paper had also provided the impetus for Michael Century’s work-in-progress Cendres-Fragments (93-94) for a live pianist, player piano and computer software.


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