“Voicestreams” by Michael Century, Grahame Weinbren

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Artist Statement:

    The central issue of interactive works lies in a non-linear approach toward the articulation of time. Of course every work consists of many temporalities e.g. narrative time, a viewer’s time, a performer’s time. A work can become “interactive” avant la lettre, even if it doesn’t actually require input from it’s viewers, when some aspect of its temporal foundation escapes linear sequence. Only in this circumstance can we think of a work as interactive in the sense that it communicates in a different way from non-interactive works. Non-linearity can be achieved in countless ways with or without the devices of New Technology. The conditions under which non-linearity of structure results in interactivity are complex but describable.


    In this lecture-performance we will attempt to both describe and enunciate some of these conditions – both in words and in the structure of the presentation. Multiple streams of live voice, pre-recorded and digital processed text, projected image, and performed music will be performed, setting up a texture of ideas and sounds more like a web of association than a linear lecture. The powers are possibilities of a non-linear, interactive articulation of ideas will be argued for and, we hope demonstrated.


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