Michelle Biasutti: Deep Sea

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    Deep Sea

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Artist Statement:

    Musical Break

    Deep Sea for tape is a sound travel in the deep of the sea. The aim is transforming the sea sounds, proposing other listening. Starting with the sea sounds, the piece would stimulate human abilities to discover imaginary sea soundscapes, with the tracks that people can find in the collective memory. The water sounds have a great symbolic value, since all humankind had the experience to live in the amniotic liquid. The water elements were used for entering in the collective memory dimension, transforming the timbres from sound to noise. All the sound material used in the piece was derived from sea sounds. The sea sounds were signal processed by computer with elaboration such as pitch shift, stretching, filtering and distortion. The composition proposes a new semantic dimension of the water sounds, utilizing a perceptual game between the new framework and the memory abilities that evoke the original sounds.


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