Nancy Mauro-Flude: Bag Lady 2.0

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    Bag Lady 2.0

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Artist Statement:

    Baglady 2.0 is a live performance with a customised electronic performance tool: a bag with an antenna and an embedded board, programmed for live wireless broadcasting on-the-fly of sound, digital images [motion jpeg]. It probes found wifi zones as a platform to pipe through this data. It highlights how such ephemeral oral or folk histories on the street can be played out on the WWW, being such an inhabited and ubiquitous place at present.

Technical Information:

    Networked performance, custom built interface – suade bag, Alix3c3 mini eurocard format with Audio, VGA and Award-BIOS (super expandable) 500 MHz Processor antenna, Battery Power – 12 V.8 Gb Cf card, USB webcam Logitech CamPro 9000 is 1600×1200 ( HD-TV), LFS linux from scratch, KNOPPIX kernel, audio streaming darkice as client, encoding ogg vorbis, Webcam UVC video module


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