Nicholas Stedman: The Blanket Project

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    The Blanket Project

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Artist Statement:


    The Blanket Project is a robotic blanket that resides on top of a bed. Sensing the presence of viewers it attempts to lure them on to the bed for a physical exchange.

    The Blanket Project is a tactile object that physically interacts with the audience. Resembling a blanket, the device navigates through space, seeking out individuals for intimate encounters. The object is embedded with electronics and machinery to enable sensing and movement. The resulting form is a hybrid toy, sculpture and tool.

    The blanket has been designed with modularity and multipurpose reusability in mind. Its application varies to suit the site-specific context. It could be used within a dance or performance context. Two blankets can be networked together to transmit touch information between two remote users. A blanket can also be automated as a house pet of sorts – which is the case in this installation.

    The blanket resides on top of a giant bed. It remains at rest until approached by a viewer. The blanket then attempts to engage viewers in physical relationships. It approaches their positions and reaches out to touch them. Viewers receive no instructions regarding the installation, and must decide their own level of participation. They are welcome to remain at a distance and observe the phenomenon of an animated household object. Alternatively they may mount the bed and engage the blanket in a physical relationship, becoming an active part of the installation for other viewers.


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