Taco Stolk, Arthur Elsenaar: BuBL Space

  • ©, Taco Stolk and Arthur Elsenaar, BuBL Space


    BuBL Space

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    BuBL Space is a concept device and complete marketing strategy. A small portable device, like a mobile phone, creates a phone-free zone around the user. A personal space in public space where one will no longer be disturbed by the noises emitted by ringing mobile phones and the people that use them.

    The marketing strategy for BuBL Space targets the same groups as mobile phone companies; the device is designed as a small, stylish gadget in white silicon rubber. It comes packaged in inflated transparent plastic. Flyers and posters show a young model enjoying her personal space while using the device. This strategy not only shows the real marketing potential that BuBL Space offers, but also plays with the interchangeability of hype and gadgets. it clears the way for an ‘arms race’ of devices and counter-devices within the marketing space of a young urban public.

    BuBL Space is designed to be a ‘friendly’ device. The three main differences between BuBL Space and existing GSM blockers are its portability, its working radius [three meters, so it really focuses on the personal space) and the way it operates: it only works while its button is pressed, so it can’t be switched on permanently. This means it takes an active decision every time BuBL Space is used.


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