“EchoSonics” by Nigel Llwyd William Helyer

  • ©, Nigel Llwyd William Helyer, EchoSonics



Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Within the sonic world there is no separation; sound enters our bodies as vibration, immersive and continuous. Sound is the one fundamental phenomenon that we are immersed in – every living, moving thing is producing sound continually – it flows between distinct elements and binds them together. We experience it both actively, by listening, and also subliminally – and from it we draw conclusions about our world. EchoSonics investigates the close relationship between sound and natural, biological and environmental phenomena through the work of four artists practising within the field of sound art, and combining cultural and environmental issues in their audio-installations. Many of the works suggest the subtle ways in which sounds address us. Presented by ISEA2013 and the University of Technology Sydney.