“Supereste ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) ut Supereste (SPPS) (2013)” by Nigel Llwyd William Helyer

  • ©, Nigel Llwyd William Helyer, Supereste ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) ut Supereste (SPPS) (2013)


    Supereste ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) ut Supereste (SPPS) (2013)

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Artist Statement:

    Stainless steel, scientific glassware, plywood, inert biological contaminants, eggs, message board, audio devices.

    Membranes are selectively permeable structures, controlling the exchange of ions in our synapses, structuring the flow of surveillance information at airport security, or filtering migration to our shores.  SPPS drifts in interstitial spaces between biology, politics, culture and history recalling how the membrane functions as border, a cultural and linguistic filter and a generator of difference. SPPS is an omnisexual bacterium ingesting histories and narratives that associate through powerful metaphorical bonds.
    Visualisation: Duncan Bond.

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