Olivia Robinson, Daniela Kostova: Negotiations

  • ©, Olivia Robinson and Daniela Kostova, Negotiations



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    Custom made software Max MSP Jitter, wireless monitor, wireless surveillance camera, wireless transmitters, video cameras, laptop computer, chroma key fabric

Artist Statement:

    Negotiations is a project that explores crosscultural communication and interpretation. Over a period of two years Daniela Kostova and Olivia Robinson developed an interactive system that utilises blue screen video techniques as a tool for manipulating human bodies moving through unknown environments. The system has been performed in three distinct public environments: Sardinia, Italy, New York City, USA and Sofia, Bulgaria. As both a conspicuous costume and virtual assimilation act, each performance has fostered the development of a site-specific story. Recurring themes emerged from the performances: estrangement and integration; placidity of legality, territory and ownership; and mediation of experience.

    The Negotiations system uses readily available computer and surveillance technology to create the real-time video. Two characters embody the system, an Alien (in blue) and an Authority (in black). Each has a video camera, which is linked to a computer embedded in the Authority’s costume. Custom software composites the two video streams to create a negotiated final video. The resulting imagery is solely from the Authority’s point of view as she surveils the Alien. The Alien’s image though been replaced with her own point of view. The Alien carries a hand-held monitor which displays the ‘negotiated’ video and passers-by can view the final video as it is being created. It becomes the focal point, allowing relationships to form during performances and highlighting the double-consciousness of crosscultural communication.


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