Zune Lee, Chang Young Lim, Sangwon Nam: A Bottle of Weather

  • ©, Zune Lee, Chang Young Lim, and Sangwon Nam, A Bottle of Weather


    A Bottle of Weather

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Interactive media installation

Artist Statement:

    Taste, an important sense in ordinary life, has been almost ignored in art. To introduce taste to media art, we suggest the mixology of cocktail as a metaphoric methodology of mixing images and sounds, thereby enabling people to taste them. In this work, we present tangible user interfaces with a network connection to blend image and sound: bottle, table, and dish interface. Here, weather, the content of a bottle, is a metaphor for humans’ emotions, and audience can express their own feeling in mixed realty by blending and tasting weather. To embody this idea, we borrow the method of mixing weather from the cocktail mixology, and provide audience with a bar surrounding as an exhibition space. These afford audience the following interaction flow: Select – Mix – Pour – Taste – Keep. There, with the bottle, audience can choose images and sounds of weather on the table to insert them into the bottle. By shaking it, audience can blend them in realtime like mixing cocktails. By pouring the mixed weather into a dish beside the table, audience can produce virtual weather, an audio-visual mixture. Then, it appears on a front screen as a media collage and participants taste (appreciate) their own weather. Finally, the result is automatically stored and partially displayed on a wall screen as the keeping procedure.