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Artist Statement:

    Folded In is a project about the notion of borders, the conflicts they raise, and the different ways through which they are represented in the social networks of the web 2.0.

    In the digital era people are supposed to be given the possibility to cross borders, to supersede them and see beyond. User-generated systems like the YouTube are based on the information and perspectives provided by the users. But what does this call for subjectivity brings upon? A tour in the YouTube will allow one to see that people reproduce the prejudices and superstitions imposed to them by the mainstream media and nationalistic beliefs. A video war is taking place by users opposing to one another through such material. The content of these videos varies from nationalistic war dithyrambs to issues of immigration, identity, sexism, religion, and history. In this frame context the call for critical thinking seems to be the necessity of our times.

    Folded In is a 3D multiuser online video game, which attempts a detournement of the representational space of YouTube, by transforming it into a game space, and by respectively turning the selected videos and the tags into game elements. Users are asked to cross borders, conquer and map territories evaluating the data they watch. Opposing sides and territories are fluid and subjective. The Folded In project is an effort that wishes to contribute in the semi utopian idea of the creation of the thoughtful gamer. Can we liberate ourselves from prejudices and beliefs through play?


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