Rainer Prohaska: KRFTWRK: Global Human Electricity

  • ©, Rainer Prohaska, KRFTWRK: Global Human Electricity


    KRFTWRK: Global Human Electricity

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    ink on paper (drawings)

Artist Statement:

    KRFTWRK = Kraftwerk (power plant)

    KRFTWRK is a social-political statement and an ironic comment on current problems like production and waste of electricity in industrial states, and overweight and lack of fitness of its population.

    The target of KRFTWRK is to create a consciousness towards these topics with artistic measures. The project is situated in the fields of architecture, installation, net art and fine arts and consists of artistic parts happening in virtual and real space.

    The official ambition of KRFTWRK is the planning and realization of a new generation of industrial plants, which gain electric energy by muscle power and chemical processes of human bodies.  KRFTWRK will be staged as a ‘reliable’ and ‘globally acting’ company in the Internet.

    To test the global possibilities of KRFTWRK, there will be the chance to simulate a virtual connection to an electricity network, and there to the combined power supply, on the website. Per every ‘work unit’ on a home trainer or in a fitness studio, the participant informs the central coordination system on the KRFTWRK website about the length and intensity of the training units. In the end the total amount of energy gained by the worldwide operating KRFTWRK community can centrally be recorded and evaluated.

    Usable power-producing sculptures consist of adapted or specially developed fitness tools with connected generators, for example oversized hamster wheels for a couple of people at one time.



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