“Re-Generation (excerpt)” by Yan Breuleux, Jean Ranger

  • ©, Yan Breuleux and Jean Ranger, Re-Generation (excerpt)
  • ©, Yan Breuleux and Jean Ranger, Re-Generation (excerpt)


    Re-Generation (excerpt)

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Artist Statement:

    Re-generation is an immersive meditation on how new perceptions of the world are transforming our relationship to it. It explores the role of human imagination in shaping the Anthropocene, the term coined by scientists acknowledging that human activities are profoundly shaping Earth’s current geologic epoch. Through the integration of artistic animations and scientific visualization, participants are taken to the heart of Earth’s regenerative and invited to re-imagine humanity’s relationship to our home planet. By evoking the imagination beyond our daily experiences, this program reveals poetic interpretations of an interconnected and re-enchanted world.
    Developed for the COP21 Paris climate conference, the Montreal premiere in the Satosphere is guided by the voice of Marie Brassard, following a scenario by David McConville. Initiated and produced by SAT, Re-generation was co-directed by researcher-artist Yan Breuleux and video artist Jean Ranger. It is a prologue to L’Hymne à la beauté du monde, interpreted by Diane Dufresne.
    Re-generation develops through three movements:
    The cycles that punctuate the movements of the universe at all scales, giving life to celestial mechanics and planetary respiration from the microcosm to the macrocosm.
    While cosmic dust and stars have given birth to life in its great diversity,  human civilization has begun to radically influence the evolution our home planet.
    Humans are in nature and nature is in us. By visualizing Earth’s metabolic flows,  we are developing new ways to participate in the complexity of life on Earth through the re-enchantment of the world.