Ricardo Dal Farra: PART OF HISTORY (Latin American electroacoustic music)

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    PART OF HISTORY (Latin American electroacoustic music)

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Artist Statement:

    This is a concert focusing on recovering and make known part of the history of electroacoustic music from Latin American.

    The political and economic instability in many Latin American countries have been deeply affecting the life of its inhabitants for decades. Support for artistic activities has usually been postponed to solve urgent social problems. In spite of that, the development in the region of the electronic arts in general and the electroacoustic music in particular, is really astounding. To name but a few examples: Mauricio Kagel composed eight electroacoustic studies in Argentina between 1950 and 1953, according to Hugh Davies’ International Electronic Music Catalog. José Vicente Asuar in Chile, Joaquín Orellana in Guatemala, Reginaldo Carvalho in Brazil, Horacio Vaggione in Argentina, Héctor Quintanar in Mexico and Juan Blanco in Cuba are only some of the many names in the ocean of electroacoustic music creativity that has always been Latin America.

    The compositions on this program presents a significant sampling of music created between the 50s and 80s by artists from various Latin American countries. The program includes: “Valsa Sideral” (1962) by Jorge Antunes from Brazil and “Bolivianos…!” (1973) by Alberto Villalpando from Bolivia, among several other works.


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