Rodrigo D’Alcântara: The Self-declarations series

  • ©, Rodrigo D'Alcântara, The Self-declarations series


    The Self-declarations series

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    Digital collage

Artist Statement:

    “The pandemic and the intensification of life uncertainty, made me connect more with my ancestors. During the quarantine I have been developing a video art alongside the relatives I share my house with, which are my grandmother and my mother. In parallel of this video process, I’ve been creating a series of digital images and photo-collages entitled “Self-declarations”. In this series I intervene on my family photographic archive to invoke my matriarchal heritage, as seen at the 3 “Matriarchal Ensigns “ artworks. A mixed-race and syncretic Brazilian iconology is then channelled through symbolic interventions on my genealogical imagery.” – Rodrigo D’Alcântara


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