Rose Stasuk: Where’s Your Pocket Protector?

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    Where’s Your Pocket Protector?

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Artist Statement:

    Where’s Your Pocket Protector? is a combined hardspace and virtual repository for collective digital identities proposed for ISEA97 to officially open at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and on the WWW on September 22-27, 1997. Participants will copy and save to their computer hard disks the template graphic from this web site and submit their finished entries as attachments via e-mail. I read recently on a listserv the opinion that art is always virtual, communicative, and interactive. Nowadays, it’s easy to be “geek”. As telecommunicators we have transformed our language and perception in order to be fluent in “computerese”. I proposed this project for ISEA97, partly because it will take place at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The School’s reputation is substantial as an academy for artists. As the site of my earliest art training, it is where I first learned to spill my proverbial artist’s “guts”. As a humanist, I wore my “heart on my sleeve;” as a visual communicator, I now wear it in my breast pocket. To obsess afterall, is to fetishize—arcane prophylactic or “temporary autonomous zone”.


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