Se-Lien Chuang: Lauf-auf

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Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Concept arts video for Marathon Graz 2000, commission of Werkstadt Graz. Here I intend to express the sensual impression of running in a Marathon in visuals and sound.
    “Go into trance, change of view turns into limitation of view, to be relevant through the repetition. Image-sound.” _Anderas Weixler

    Visuals realization at Video Viual Design Lab/Nagoya City University, khool of Design and Architecture, Japan sound realization at Atelier Avant Austria

    Technical Realization
    1x projection wall
    1x video projector analog VHS (PAL & NTSC)] or dlgital [DV (NTSC) and DVD) playback system
    2x active loud-speakers

    Dimensions of the work production by Computer, analog & digital video recording & playback system and audio stereo reording & 2-channel speaker system. software: Paniwnic Quick Cutter version 2.02101, Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Japan