“Shui Yuan Lin Legend I-IV” by Chen I-Chun

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    Shui Yuan Lin Legend I-IV

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    [This text is a translation from Chinese by Google Translate, edited by Michelle Lin]

    The Legend of Lin Shuiyuan series traces the young memory of the artist more than 30 years ago. By interviewing older families and villagers, trying to solve an exaggerated legend that is the story of oral history.

    The story of history. The artist was raised by his grandparents when he was young. Very young and unable to speak from a low perspective, to watch the villagers fear Fear and admiration of Feng Shui master. And because I can’t speak or take notes, I can only use from the perspective of the children watching, try to use cartoon-like colorful colors to visually and Feel to reproduce the heroic deeds of my grandfather. And this kind of common people’s transmission Said that it was involved in the role of General Su Aguai of Yunlin County in the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, The story of a generation of bandits in Lin Yupu (Zhushan), Nantou. exist outside of 硘磘庄

    After the 36 officers in Fanzi were wiped out, the villagers took the entire army of General Su Tuan is buried in the tomb of Zhongyi. Later, Lin Shuiyuan, who was a farmer, passed by the general Tomb, whenever cows are moved past, the cows are always afraid to pass the general’s tomb and be late He didn’t want to go home for a long time, so Mr. Lin Shuiyuan faced the general’s tomb. Promise, if it goes smoothly in the future so that the cows are no longer afraid, they will enshrine the tomb of the generals Of the dead. But when things went well, Lin Shuiyuan forgot. Therefore, the woodcarver master in the village of Zhushan and Liaobao entrusted Lin Shuiyuan with the deity of the general’s tomb. Sheng, has carved the gods and sent them to the home for a fee, and the two understand each other after the origin, I was surprised, and promised and carried the technical care of Feng Shui master

    The responsibility of the villagers has caused a series of local anecdotes in the future.

    Before Lin Shuiyuan became a farmer, he went to China to learn traditional Taoist witches in his early years. He is a well-known Fengshui master in Zhushan. There were many places in Taiwan in the early years Of the people went to give pointers to the maze, and left behind many interesting legends pieces. This series of works is a story of Taiwan’s rural and local colors, with Hezhong’s oral history, and episodes of stories, inspire the artist to create a serialized legend. The artist tried to do more in a cartoon way color reduces the atmosphere of over-inspiration, so deliberately hopes that When watching such a legend, it can extend the viewer’s perspective and spiritual distance, Don’t dare to be afraid, you can use safe, cute, colorful distance, watch Taiwan’s historical and authentic cartoons. And now, this god also known as “Loyalty Tianzun” or Shengyi Marshal, or Hongqi Gong (红先 teacher), is a red-faced general, and is also Ruoru an artist for many years when he was a child patron saint. Now Master Hong Xian has been given away a few years after the death of Mr. Lin Shuiyuan back to heaven. So far, there are still many police officers in the police sector who have gone to solve the case. The mountain is looking for worship, and I have actually heard about the social news, which is an authentic Taiwanese. The true local legend has been passed down to this day. The artist’s creative motivation is to watch long years later, social and political issues are still turbulent, and people’s desires are difficult test, hope to inform the people that the heart the importance of being good. Chen Yichun mainly uses video art, experimental animation images, interactive art, composite media and painting are the main creations.

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    Video 2013 -2016 -5 ’00’’ each


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