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    Something =X

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    “It is called a point of view to the degree that it represents variation. This is the foundation of perspectivism. The subject is whatever reaches the point of view, or is more or less installed in the point of view. The point of view does not vary with the subject; it is the condition for which an eventual subject might grasp a variation (metamorphosis); or, something equals X (anamorphosis)… lt is not a variation of truth according to the subject, but the conditon for the truth of a variation to be presented to the subject. This is precisely the same idea as Baroque perspective”                                  —Gilles Deleuze, The Fold.

    ‘Something=X,’ perspectival-anamorphic video developed by Jamieson using Softlmage is informed by the Cybaroque, and references the spectacle and the materiality of the means of media expression via images of violence from the point of view of the victim.

    Film by Richard Foley.
    Hip Hop Music by Bob Dornberger

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