“Space Dance: Postures and its Transportation” by Keisuke Oki, Tetsuro Fukuhara

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    Space Dance: Postures and its Transportation

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Artist Statement:

    In this work, firstly, our guest Space Artist, Richard Clar will access in our website of Tokyo Space Dance from California and show the images of “Postures into Outer Space” from his work “Space Flight Dolphin” on the screen in Nagoya. Secondly, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Tombo and other dancers takes special costumes for making postures and come in the tube space. Then these dancers will make several postures like “Postures into Tube Space, as a half-and-half non-gravity space” and “Postures into Informational Space” as a dance. Also Keisuke Oki, as a technical coordinator, will make an informational environment by expressing the interaction between the dancers and the space using the sound etc.. Finally the audience come in the tube space and dance freely, so they can enjoy their own postures. Also in this work, Jotaro Kobayashi will make a real-time webcasting for this event.

    What is Space Dance?
    Space Dance is a new dance to make the appearance of the relationships of the unity between the Body and the Space. Usually people forget this unity in their daily life. But the relationship of this unity exists as a mass like invisible “fluid body”. How can we take the sensation of this unity back? How can we amplify and enjoy the sensation of this unity? How can we create the new designs by using this sensitive experiences? This is our Space Dance. We will make several social designs at this new theater of Space Dance by using the new methods of “next human engineering”, “artificial life” and “interaction”. Space Dance is an approach to the design from the Body. Space Dance is an environmental design and information design based on the Body. Space Dance is a new movement of dance & design. This is a remarkable character of our Space Dance.


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