“Surreal Tangible Intangibility” by S’boniso Shelembe

  • ©, S’boniso Shelembe, Surreal Tangible Intangibility
  • ©, S’boniso Shelembe, Surreal Tangible Intangibility


    Surreal Tangible Intangibility

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Artist Statement:

    Digital Art technology has allowed for the creation of a myriad of different types of art. There are very few limitations when it comes to creating digital art. As an artist, S’boniso Shelembe seeks to explore the possibilities presented by this technology. This work is a short series of digital sculptures exhibited as augmented reality objects. These sculptures are made to look like amalgamations of organic objects, creating forms which bring to mind the idea that the artwork could have, at some point, been alive. At their core, they are created to be curiosities. Abstract pieces that seek to make their audience question what the sculpture actually is, and what went into their creation, they explore the interplay between the intangible (the digital) and the tangibly real (physical space).


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