“The Creature” by Simone Beneke-Graham

  • ©, Simone Beneke-Graham, The Creature


    The Creature

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Artist Statement:

    This artwork is an exploration of our reality and augmented reality. The Creature is an example of how we have created another environment, another world through technology. This environment is something we interact with daily, It is the internet of things, the digital space; whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Google; this artificial reality has become both real and alien. We can engage with the internet to connect with people virtually, create social networks, play multiplayer games and make friends, however we interact on a capacity that is disconnected, without a medium to engage with this environment all of these connections are lost. The Creature has been designed to visually portray the fragility and alien like environment we have created, the Creature is from this artificial technologic world as it attempts to interact and ingest aspects of the real world it grows frustrated in finding that it cannot actually grasp reality, it is a futile attempt. Whilst it can see us and try to interact, it can only be seen through the tools we have created, and even when we can see it and react to it, we can't truly interact with it.




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