: Symbiosis

  • ©, Han Rhyu, Nic Rotondo, Walter Reynolds, and Optiflux/MediaTribe, Symbiosis



Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Symbiosis examines the growing associations between traditionally tectonic architecture, and the virtual architecture of the ether. It exists in this exhibition as two physically disparate spaces engaged in a cyclical relationship. The first is called Sense, and the second is called Synthesis. In each of these spaces, participants can interact with the physical architecture, and in so doing formulate, create and mutate a new public architecture in virtual space. The piece explores the possibilities of interactive, multi-participant environments, both physical and virtual, where the architectures in question generate an inter-related dialogue with sounds and virtual structures, and transmutate in response to participant interactions with the physical part of the installation. Whereas in the past, our bodies were mere inhabitants of architecture, It is now possible to create an environment where our physical interactions with architecture begin to delineate virtual functions. We are searching for all of the physical links to the ever-increasing virtual architectures that make up our lives. We are now immersed in an age where through such technologies as video and virtual reality, and with the aid of sensors, our roles as inhabitants of our everyday shelters begins to evolve. We can now become active agents to the spaces we inhabit, our gestures effecting the virtual as well as affecting the physical architectures that surround us. In this regard, it is hoped that Symbiosis will begins to transcend the traditional boundaries inherent to the practice of architecture. As an added exploration of the Beyond Shelter installation, Symbiosis will stage a performance of Synergy, a media play in seven acts, which examines the nature of the screen, as well as our interaction with it. During its exhibition, Symbiosis will continue to evolve in response to the dialogues it generates.