Takahiko Iimura: AIUEO NN: Six Features

  • ©, Takahiko Iimura, AIUEO NN: Six Features


    AIUEO NN: Six Features

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    A video installation using six monitors and 6 VHS tapes was first realized at Kirin Plaza Osaka, 1993, using 6 CRV videodiscs instead of tapes. This tape version allows random combination among six monitors.

    Combining the comical and the absurd, I realized six funny faces, which were manipulated by System G (Real time texture mapping developed by Sony), to animate the visual images of six Japanese vowels in Japanese and Roman alphabet.

    The concept is developed from Jacques Derrida’s “Differance” in which the difference of “Image”, “Letter” and “Voice” works in space and movement. Thus six images of “AIUEO NN” differ and delay with the letters and the voices, realizing an example of multiculturalism.