“Virtual Haze” by Keisuke Oki, Henry Kuwahara

  • ©, Keisuke Oki and Henry Kuwahara, Virtual Haze


    Virtual Haze

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Certain part of your brain, which might have a role in ordering your vocal organs to make the ‘A’ sound, kicks into gear. Through devices, scientists can now tell what you are trying to say before you open your mouth. Although Virtual Haze’s simple mechanism only senses brainwave changes, it can still tell how you are reacting to what is happening around you.

    Virtual Haze looks like a sort of arcade game. The difference: you can’t win unless you use your brain waves. If you don’t concentrate on fighting, the machine will counter your attacks – because the machine can detect the absence of your mind!

    Created by The Digital Therapy Institute (DTI) which was formed at the end of 1991 as a multidisciplinary group, with members from various fields including art, music, science,engineering and therapy. Since then, DTI has been conducting research from diverse angle into the brain. The central members of DTI are Keisuke Oki (artist) and Henry Kuwahara (engineer and musician).