“The Empty Chair” by George Lewis

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    The Empty Chair

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    A Multi-media Performance, composed by George Lewis, performed by Douglas Ewart, Joel Ryan, Ray Edgar, Steve Potts and Misha Mengelberg

    The Empty Chair (1988) is an integrated composition for human and computer performers. One of the humans plays an acoustic musical instrument and is accompanied sonically by a computer controlled orchestra and visually by a computer controlled video system. A computer video instrument is making a real-time video portrait of a second human performer, who is sitting (as for a portrait) in a room well removed from the stage and concert hall activity, or for that matter, from any other activity or sounds.

    Douglas Ewart woodwinds, saxophones
    Joel Ryan sonic spacialization software
    Ray Edgar Fairlight video systems software writer
    Steve Potts performer
    Misha Mengelberg [1935–2017] performer

Other Information:

    Acknowledgments: Paul Berg, Frans de Ruiter, Stichting STEIM


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