Wim Bijleveld, Wim van der Plas: Omnimax Animation Competition

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    Omnimax Animation Competition

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Artist Statement:

    This part of the program consisted of the premiere of two productions made for FISEA – the prize winners of the international ‘Omniversum-competition’. This was an idea of – and was initiated by Wim van der Plas and Wim Bijleveld. The international Omniversum-competition was juried by Rudi Fuchs, Wim Bijleveld and Willem Nagelkerke. The two prize winners were Ronald Nameth from Stockholm and the duo P. Walboom and M.Y Zult from the Hague. These artists received the opportunity to realize their concept with the Digistar Installation at the Omniversum in collaboration with its director, Wim Bijleveld. The Digistar installation is especially developed for projects concerning star constellations and complex simulations of astronomical phenomena on the spherical plane of projection (made by Omnimax theaters). The Digistar installation offered the artists many creative possibilities to project and animate images, accompanied by music. Despite the short preparation and limited experience, the results were stimulating! Furthermore, a selection of video and computer-animation submissions was also shown.


    • Ronald Nameth, Stockholm, SE
    • P. Walboom & M.Y Zult, The Hague, NL


    • Rudi Fuchs, director of the The Hague Municipal Museum, NL
    • Wim Bijleveld, director of the Omniversum theater and planetarium, The Hague, NL
    • Willem Nagelkerke, CEO of Van Rietschoten & Houwens industries and board member of the SCCA (Foundation for Creative Computer Applications), Rotterdam, NL


    • Wim van der Plas


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