Thierry Miroglio, Ancuza Aprodu: Real Time / Imaginary Landscapes

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    Real Time / Imaginary Landscapes

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    This project is based on a Show / Performance (percussion, piano, electronics), which primary characteristic is that of interactivity between instruments, interprets and electronic all managed live. The program’s content offers a journey during which the reality, the imaginary, the concrete and the virtual combine, through the work of five Composers from different nationalities, cultures and aesthetically orientations.


    1. Thierry Miroglio, Percussion
    2. Ancuza Aprodu, Piano
    3. Frederic Voisin, musical Assistant computer scientist


    1. Hans Tutschku – SprachSchlag (2000) Percussion solo et Electronique
    2. Takehito Shimazu – *XO (1993) 15′. Piano solo et Electronique
    3. Kaija Saariaho – Six japanese Gardens (1995) 12. Percussion solo and Electronics
    4. Marco Stroppa – Auras (1996) 14′. Percussion solo and Electronics
    5. Jean-Claude Risset – Nouvelle oeuvre (2000).Piano Midi Disklavier, Percussion and Electronics


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