“Tierra Y Sol For Computer Synthesized Sound” by Ricardo Dal Farra

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    Tierra Y Sol For Computer Synthesized Sound

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Artist Statement:

    I composed Tierra Y Sol in 1996 with the sonorities of musical traditional instruments typical from the Andes mountains on my mind. the blend of pitch and noise in their spectrums, the articulations, the intonations, the way the musical phrases are played by peoples (non-professional musicians) from the country or the streets of some cities of South America, attract me to compose this piece.

    All sonic materials were derived from ancient Andes wood-wind instruments like quenas and mohocenos; cross-culture musical instruments like charangos, and even the classical guitar (introduced to America during the Spanish colonization); and from the voice of a folk singer, still living in the mountains.

    With Tierra Y Sol I am trying to reflect not only the sonorities from the Andes mountains, but also the pace, the mood, the different way of changes, the hopes 9or non hopes), the times of the people’s vital cycle living high on the mountains of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, north of Chile and Argentina. This piece is for me a kind of connection past-present-future, or primitivism-hyper technology, or south-north or simpel-complex … and maybe also a self-examination of my (our) culture style/rhythm/focus on life.



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