“Time Capsule” by Eduardo Kac

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    Time Capsule

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    May 27-July 23, Centre d’Art Cal Massó de Reus, Beep Collection: OriginsPublic event.

    On 11 November 1997, Eduardo Kac created his “Time Capsule” in the cultural centre Casa das Rosas of Sao Paulo (Brasil). Transmitting on live television and the internet, the artist implanted a digital microchip before a series of sepia coloured photographs that documented the life of his family in Europe previous to 1939. In this way, Kac became the first human carrier of a microchip. To celebrate its 10th anniversary and with the piece in its final form, including all the diverse original elements of this live performance, he activated a webcast and a web scanner to allow an interactive, tele-robotic tracing of the chip on internet.
    “Time Capsule” won the 1st edition of the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award.
    [Source: https://www.beepcollection.art/eduardo-kac]

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