“Tobia” by Davide Porta

  • ©, Davide Porta, Tobia



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Artist Statement:

    Exhibition. Le Tétris, Le Havre,  June 14 – 24

    Davide Porta is an ISEA2023 selected artist

    Tobia explores and imagines alternatives to human-machine interactions. It is part of the experimental project “Towards a new Liminality”. It questions the dialogues between humans and digital entities, explores the modes of cohabitation between organic and non-organic matter. It questions different forms of intelligence, artificial or not, and the ways of feeling things beyond hearing, touch or smell.

    Like a slightly strange plant, Tobia is a robot that reacts to external stimuli. Through eyes scattered on his skin, he perceives light and detects human presence. An invitation to dialogue with a most surprising being.


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