Turby Schmidt, Sami Abadi: House de Tango

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    House de Tango

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Artist Statement:

    Nobadimi is deephouse over fragments of Argentine Tango. The Album was produced by using PC, Keyboards, electric Violin and Melodica – all the other instruments are from digital or virtual sources. Idea, production, engineering and digital composition is from Turby Schmidt. Electric violins, Keys and melodica are from Sami Abadi. Turby Schmidt, aka Midinovela, also is DJ and producer. Sami Abadi does electroacustic/experimental music and is violin teacher. The idea behind was creating electronic music with includes local roots, because most of argentine and latin electronic music productions didn’t sound like something latin. The typical producers are working with european or north-american styles, ignoring latin music. So the producer Turby Schmidt worked out the Project Nobadimi to create electronic dance music with Buenos Aues Flavor. Some people might say that they hear some spirit of Piavolla in this project, and the producer is pretty proud of such comments, but on the other hand it’s difficult to compare, the best way to imagine how tango and house sound together is hear it … The record was produced and recorded in Almagro/Buenos Aires from november of 2001 to march of 2002.


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