“Wait and See” by Galdric Fleury, Antoine Fontaine

  • ©2015, Galdric Fleury and Antoine Fontaine, Wait and See
  • ©2015, Galdric Fleury and Antoine Fontaine, Wait and See


    Wait and See

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    Infinite duration

Artist Statement:

    Il ne reste plus que l’attente (Wait and See), is a software linked to the web and made with a video game engine (Unity 3D). Every 15 minutes this software check on Twitter via its search query, the occurrence of a list of expressions.Those expressions are made of words related to the lexical field of liquidity combined with terms usually used in finance (liquid, stream, wave, flow, finance, exchange, management, market, etc). The more those expressions have popped on Twitter, the more the sea seems agitated, on the opposite, the less the words are use, the more the sea looks quiet. This program acts like a barometer of the discurses about liquidity and finance on the internet. This witness of the speeches which reactivate today a collective image linked to water, questions the figure of the ocean as the new paradigm of our digital society: a liquid world with many streams where everything communicate, and in which we evolve without being able to embrace all its complexity and inner mechanisms



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