“Well-formed Breasts…Coincidence?” by Jai Du

  • ©2015, Jai Du, Well-formed Breasts…Coincidence?


    Well-formed Breasts…Coincidence?

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    Single-channel video



Artist Statement:

    Well-formed breasts…coincidence? is a video performance created for the camera. This video work makes reference to the power of the symbols (archetypes) that at the same time are shapes and, consequently, numbers. These symbols, as well explained by C.G. Jung, have dominated our life because they are part of our collective unconscious determining what is beautiful and good and what is ugly and bad. Thus, the religions and governments have used them throughout the history in order to create resounding effects that manipulate the society.
    It means that strong or weird physical experiences can turn into aesthetic and pleasant experiences (images) just because they follow powerful and inherited patterns and symbols. This video talks about the most important numeric sequence, Fibonacci sequence, and about the master number par excellence, the number 11, which is interpreted as the resonance of the oneness. Through this work, which is part of a specific communication project, Jai Du wants to reinforce the concept of the importance about the unification of the science and spiritual worlds.
    Poetically it can be explained as follows:

    Maybe you don’t remember this number sequence
    maybe even consciously you don’t know what it means
    search on Google!
    The name is Fibonacci sequence and it has nothing to do with esoterism
    remember it not only if you want to win the
    it can also help you to understand everything around you:
    the DNA defining you
    the Egypt’s pyramids
    the terrorist attacks of 11S and 11M
    the power of British monarchy
    the black holes and even the hole of the Bic pen also why you have to wake up every morning
    to work at an office that you don’t like at all
    this sequence explains everything!
    because it is part of the collective subconscious and, obviously, the abstract art has never
    because God exists.



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