“Wilderness” by David Bowen

  • ©, David Bowen, Wilderness



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Artist Statement:

    Hacnum Exhibition, Various Locations, May 16 – 21

    Thirteen disposable plastic shopping bags playfully dance in the gallery space articulated by wave data collected on a voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

    Data for this installation were collected as artist at sea resident aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute Research Vessel Falkor as it transited from Astoria, Oregon to Honolulu, Hawaii, July 2019. While in the middle of the enormous ocean, at times, it felt this place was completely untouched by human activities. This delusion was destroyed by the occasional piece of human made debris floating in this vast wilderness. Using an on-board accelerometer, every movement of the ship caused by wave action was collected during the entire journey. The Z movement data is directly mapped to the movements of the bags floating in the gallery space creating the effect that the bags are suspended in waves of the Pacific.




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