“Aquatilium 0.2” by Golnaz Behrouznia

  • ©, Golnaz Behrouznia, Aquatilium 0.2


    Aquatilium 0.2

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Artist Statement:

    Fusion of the Possible, Topographie de l’art, April 15 – June 15

    Oil sculpture series, 2014-2023
    Mixed materials (oils, mineral gelatin, pigment, cast pmma, polymers, cotton, fabrics, motor, light system), 22 x 22 cm each. Device design Rémi Boulnois
    Photos Matthieu Fappani, Golnaz Behrouznia
    The series benefited from individual assistance in the creation of the Drac Midi Pyrénées 2014
    Courtesy of Adagp, Paris.
    [Translated from french by Google Translate]

    It’s hard to name what’s submerged in the glass containers of Golnaz Behrouznia’s Aquatilium 0.2 series, whose aesthetic often invokes the life sciences. She reminds us of the essential role of observation in both artistic creation and scientific research. Initiated in the artist’s studio-laboratory, these floating pieces are only completed with comments from observers. So it is that each and every one of us projects ourselves into such abstractions, daring to make our own personal interpretations, just waiting to be exchanged with others. And isn’t that what ideas are all about, in art as in science?” _Dominique Moulon, 2023

    “Golnaz Behrouznia work on an extension of her Floating Pieces series, called Aquatilium. She brings movement to her sculptures, in the liquid they contain. It thus comes to remember the movement of the planets or the tremors of the flesh … The artist organizes the space of the room in the manner of an imaginary laboratory, with astonishing forms referring to those of microscopic nature, to chemistry, or even to elements of fiction. _Bérangère Brecqueville 2014​


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