Arne Eigenfeldt

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  • Simon Fraser University and Presenter

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  • ISEA2015

    Arne Eigenfeldt, Canada, is a composer of live electroacoustic music, and a researcher into intelligent generative music systems. His music has been performed around the world,  and  his collaborations range from Persian Tar masters to contemporary dance companies to  musical robots. He has presented his research at conferences and festivals such as the  International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Sound and Music Computing (SMC), the International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Creativity and Cognition, EvoMusArt, Generative Art, and New  Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). He is a professor of music and technology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, and is the co-director of the Metacreation Lab.

    Arne Eigenfeldt(loadbang) is a composer and creator of computationally creative musical systems. His EDM system – GESMI – has been presented at festivals in Australia, Italy, Brazil, and Canada. He is based in Vancouver, Canada

    Arne Eigenfeldt, Professor, Music and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Arne Eigenfeldt is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music, and is an active software designer. His music has been performed throughout the world, and his research in intelligent music systems has been published and presented in international conferences. He teaches music and technology at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts, is a co-director of the Metacreation Lab, and is a founding partner of Metacreative Technologies.


    Arne Eigenfeldt is composer and professor, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.


    Arne Eigenfeldt, Simon Fraser University, Canada


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  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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