Baron Lanteigne

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  • ISEA2023

    Baron Lanteigne lives and works in Quebec City, Canada. The essence of his work emerges from infiltrations and collaborations with many web native communities. His work is part of online events and collections such as The Wrong Biennale,, Electrofringe, SPAMM, Glitch Artist Collective, FeltZine, MoCDA and many more. This online practice is exhibited worldwide at amongst others Ludwig Museum in Budapest (HU), Canadian Cultural Center in Paris (FR), Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art (IL), Mapping Festival (CH), Mirage Festival (FR), MUTEK (CA, JP), Dutch Design Week (NL), Sónar+D (ES), CPH:DOX (DK), Gwangju Media Platform (KR) and at the 6th International Digital Art Biennial by ELEKTRA (CA).


    Johann Baron Lanteigne (b. 1987) depicts our relationship with technology and its infrastructure through installations combining modified screens, cables, electronic devices and animations assembled as portals bridging the real and virtual worlds. Baron lives and works in Quebec City, Canada, however, the core of his work comes from his involvement with many online fringe communities, virtual collaborations and online collections such as The Wrong Biennale, Real-Fake and SPAMMM.

    Stemming from the internet, his work is now presented internationally at digital art events: Les Garages Numériques (BE), Mapping Festival (GE), Mirage Festival (FR), Vector Festival (CA), Dutch Design Week (NL), SONAR+D (ES), CuVo Video Art Festival (ES), Electrofringe (AU), CPH:DOX (DK) and at the Ludwig Museum (HU). Baron Lanteigne also specializes as a technological consultant for artists and artist-run centers.


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  • Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


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