“Cinematography of Virtual Matter (Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle)” by Baron Lanteigne

  • ©, Baron Lanteigne, Cinematography of Virtual Matter (Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle)


    Cinematography of Virtual Matter (Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle)

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Artist Statement:

    Focus Québec Exhibition. Forum des Images, May 16 – 21

    Installation and screen sculpture

    The flexibility of the digital invites the artist to discard the need to create a work as an end in itself. Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle is a connected system that exploits the interoperability of digital creation tools to form a fragile, alterable and ephemeral network.

    In this system, 3D tools created with the intention of simulating the real are diverted to reveal reversible properties of their own, qualified as “virtual matter” by the artist. These procedural systems are first created to better explore the properties of matter and remain connected to a filtered, cryptic or even inaccessible interaction with the public.

    This indirect relationship with the system stimulates this material in real time thanks to a crossing between geometries, textures, materials, lighting and virtual cameras. Thus, the system is a playground to explore the border between the figurative image and the abstraction that comes from the imperfections of this cinematography.