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  • ISEA2020

    Seamans work often explores an expanded media oriented poetics through various technological means Recombinant Poetics. Such works often explore the combination and recombination of media elements and processes in interactive and generative works of art. Seaman enfolds image/music/text relations in these works, often creating all of the media elements and articulating the operative media-processes involved. He is self-taught as a musician/composer. Early on he discussed his notion of Structured Improvisation, employing specific fragments of his own improvisations and musical constructions as a compositional method. Initially explored via tape loops and layering processes in the 80’s, he now facilitates this compositional methodology using the computer, in particular using the audio program Ableton Live.

    ISEA 2011

    An internationally known media artist, scholar, and media researcher, has had over thirty major installation works and commissions around the world, a dozen solo exhibitions, and numerous performance collaborations, video screenings, and articles/essays/reviews in books and catalogues. His work often explores an expanded media-oriented poetics through various technological means. More recently he has been exploring notions surrounding “Recombinant Informatics” — a multi-perspective approach to knowledge production. He has been commissioned on a number of occasions. He is currently working on a series of art/science collaborations — poetic installations, scientific research papers, and a book in collaboration with the scientist Otto Rössler surrounding the concept of Neosentience. This research includes the modeling and long-term production of an Electrochemical Computer.

    He is also collaborating with artist/computer scientist Daniel Howe on multiple works exploring AI and creative writing/multi-media and completing an album of experimental music with Howe entitled Minor Distance. He is developing a new VR work and undertaking interface research with Todd Berreth; is exploring the creation of a transdisciplinary relational database / search engine project entitled “The Insight Engine”; has begun discussions with Thom LaBean on nano-scale computational/sensing research; is collaborating with John Supko on a new generative audio work; and is working with Gideon May and Rachel Brady on re-articulating “The World Generator / The Engine of Desire” a virtual world building system.


    Bill Seaman is an internationally known media artist and scholar. He has shown numerous installation works and has realized and presented many solo exhibitions, performance collaborations and video screenings. His work explores an expanded media-oriented poetics through various technological means (Recombinant Poetics, VDM Press) and he has been working with Daniel Howe on a series of works exploring generative AI. He is writing a book with scientist Otto Rössler entitled Neosentience/The Benevolence Engine. A virtual project, World Generator with Gideon May is in progress. Seaman also has a band (Sea) with two albums on iTunes.


    Bill Seaman received a Master of Science in Visual Studies degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1985. He is currently a Ph.D. Fellow at the University of Wales, Centre for Advanced Inquiry into Interactive Art (CAiiA). His work explores language, image, and sound relationships through video, computer controlled videodisc, CD Born, Virtual Reality, photography, and studio based audio compositions. He is self taught as a composer and musician. His works have been in numerous interna­tional festivals, exhibitions, and museum shows. His video tape S.He is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    He has won many awards including a National Endowment for The Arts Fellowship, Massachusetts State Council on the Arts and Humanities Video Fellowship, two different prizes from Ars Electronica for interactive art, the Awards in The Visual Arts prize, The 1st Multimedia Prize from the Berlin Film / Video Festival, the Siemens’ Stipendium, the The International German Video Art Prize and most recently the Bonn Videonale prize. He was visiting artist at The Intercommunication Center / NTT, Tokyo in 1994. Last year he collaborated with William Forsythe and Ballett Frankfurt on a major new dance work. He is currently Associate Professor and Director of the Imaging and Digital Arts Program, Department of Visual Arts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


    Bill Seaman received a Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT in 1985. His work explores language, image and sound relationships through video, videodisc, photography, and studio-based audio compositions. He is currently Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Academic Digital Technology in Time-Based Arts at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia.


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  • Durham, North Carolina, United States of America


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